Built in 1943 by the Puget Sound Boatbuilding Company of Tacoma, Washington as the TP-229 for the United States Army. In 1947, the tug was acquired by Young Brothers Limited of Honolulu, Hawaii. Where she was renamed as the Kokua. In 1949, the tug was acquired by the A.C. Dutton Lumber Corporation of Poughkeepsie, New York. Where she retained her name. In 1954, the tug was acquired by the Sause Brothers Ocean Towing Company of Coos Bay, Oregon. Where the tug retained her name. The tug was later converted into a private yacht and owned by a series of individuals. Where she retained her name. (From tugboatinformation.com)

M/V Kokua had remained anchored in Appletree Cove, Kingston until February 22nd 2022. On this day (with bad weather) M/V Kokua drifted and beached itself on President Point, Kingston. It was determined that M/V Kokua could not be moved from this location, and on March 6th 2022 work began to scrap M/V Kokua in place.

These photos and video were taken on March 5th 2022.


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